Why Stone Sidings Are So Popular In The Realm Of Home Decoration?

Do you want a protective covering both to the interior and exterior of your house? If that’s what you are looking for then stone siding is what you should be looking for. They provide stability to the walls of your home and at the same time, make your exterior and interior look different. These items are available in different patterns, colors and textures. A typical siding is 1 inch in thickness and it weighs not more than 15 pounds. They do not require any kind of added structural support.

Features of Stone Sidings

There are numerous features which make a stone siding so reliable and authentic when it comes to providing durability to the walls and also adding that extra bit to the interior and exterior decor of your home. Here are some of them-

· Authentic Look: Stone Sidings are cast and designed from actual stones, as a result all the minute details of the natural texture of stones are being portrayed on the walls of your home.

· Durability: These items last for a long time and it is very rare for them to crumble or crack as natural stone walls does. Different kinds of chemicals are added to them during the manufacturing process which enhances their durability, without compromising on the decorative aspect.

· Lighter than concrete products and stone: Though these items are strong and durable; however, they are much lighter than actual stone and concrete products. They weigh 1 pound per square feet, which eliminates the need of any extra labor or lifting equipment.

· Maintenance Free: These products are absolutely maintenance free. They are stain free, resistant to water and needs no painting what so ever.

Benefits of Stone Sidings

Following these features, it is essential to point out the benefits which can be derived out of these items. Here they are:

· Installation Time: Stone sidings are very easy to install. Compared to natural stones, stone sidings can be installed more quickly and the cost of installation is much less.

· Sturdy and Strong: Though they are much lighter compared to original stones, yet they are very strong and can resist the hazards of weather to affect the exterior of your house. Besides, they add extra design to the exterior and interior of your home. Adding stone sidings at the main entrance or on top of your fireplace will certainly add an extra spark to the décor if your home.

· Cost Effective: You can save up to 30% over concrete products. Besides, other aspects like installation time are much less compared to the concrete items.

· Versatility: These items can be used over foundation skirts, deck and porch pillars, partial and full home siding, deck sidings.

· Adds Value: Stone siding certainly adds more value to your property. If you wish to sell your home, the price would include the costing of these items.

Different Patterns and Textures Available

Stone Sidings are available in different attractive textures and patterns. Here are some of the most popular ones.

· Coronado Stacked Stone

· Kenai Stacked Stone

· Kenai Stacked Stone

· Baja Stacked Stone

· Coffee Stacked Stone

Apart from these, there are hundreds of different kinds of designs available in the market.

The use of stone siding has always been popular. However, it seemed to have increased over the last couple of years as new designs are being introduced and the fact that they yield much more than decorative looks.

Look Into Your Hearth, What do You See?

A fireplace is the figurative cornerstone of any home, besides the kitchen. There are many different types of fireplace, mostly made of brick or stone. Well, stone fireplaces are a growing novelty in the American household. Mostly because they look incredible and seem to make the home feel more sophisticated. So, why are they so special? Well, the process in which they are built is a very complex task.

Cutting, shaping, and assembling the stones needed for a stone fireplace requires a lot of skill, time, and expertise. For this reason, a stone fireplace is generally very expensive. The other alternative to a solid stone fireplace is a material called cast stone, which still uses stone, but the fireplace is all one piece, and is assembled as so. This option for a stone fireplace is a considerably cheaper option, although the wow factor is not as impacting as a fireplace made from cut natural stone.

Incredible Stone Products For Additional Practicality

Fashion trends are evolving like never before, more and more people are parting in designing and decorating their sweet home with the help of astonishing selection of interior stones like granite, marble, and sandstone products. Granite, marble, and sandstone products are the finest options when it comes to provide strength, durability, and ultimate beauty to homes. These are ideal for both residential and commercial projects. In fact, people find these stones as the most reliable and lasting alternatives. These stones not only give sufficient durability to the homes, but also make them more attractive and above all invaluable.

Today, most homeowners choose granite, marble, and sandstone products (sandstone blocks, sandstone stairs, etc.) to not only beautify their homes, but also increase its overall value. People make heavy investments to make it even more enjoyable and worth living. In pursuit of the same, people select high-end and luxurious sandstone, marble, and granite products for unparallel style and functionality. They often choose natural and artificial stone products that are available in several variants according to their interior and exterior of their hoes.

To keep pace with the growing advancement, functional designs, fashion, and style trends, people always prefer practical, trendy, energizing, and stylish marble and sandstone products.

Incredible Sandstone Products

One of essential transformations in residential and commercial projects remodeling projects is the use of interior stone including, slabs, stairs, columns, cladding, paving, and much more. Most often, modern people choose all these products for an exclusive appearance and high level of comfort. Stone product manufacturers also provide an opportunity to offer different types of products that can minimize the time taken in installation and finishing of products at allocated place in homes.

Counters for Additional Practicality

Today, most people also choose countertops for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. They choose stylish granite countertops, as they are the prefect addition to any kitchen or bathroom facility. It gives incredible contemporary look as well as ageless appeal to their homes. Manufacturers also provide prefabricated granite counters that will never depreciate with time and always add amazing value to your property.

Stone manufacturers provide different types of fine textured, colorful, and high-grade interior stone products (Acro gem sandstone, sandstone tiles, blocks, bricks, stairs, etc.) in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions and as per the requirement of the people. They also provide a diverse selection to sandstone, granite, and marble products as per your evolving needs and budgetary preferences.

Understanding Various Types Of Exterior Stone Siding

You can use natural stone to decorate the exterior of your house. This can give it a nice color as well as great texture. When you use stone siding on the exterior walls of your house, you increase its beauty and therefore its overall value. Various architects and real estate agents have realized that houses with stone siding are very attractive to buyers. This has made the practice very popular and trendy. As a result, there are various types of material and stone that you can use to achieve a natural looking stone siding on your house. Below are various types of exterior stone siding for your house.

Natural solid stone siding

One of the most popular types of stone siding that is used today is the solid stone siding. This material is actual authentic stone that has been cut in a special way and used to side buildings. This material is extremely durable. This stone is harvested by hand from quarries and then processed for placing as siding for your house. Its main advantage is that it gives an authentic natural stone look on the siding of the house.

Manufactured stone siding and Polyurethane Foam Panels

Also known as cultured stone, this is a type of stone siding that is manufactured using cement and special molds. The cement is poured into these molds and takes the form and shape of natural stone. This type of stone siding is lighter than natural authentic stone siding. Thus, it is easier to transport and use for construction. This type of material is also known as faux stone siding. It is constructed using heavily packed polyurethane foam. This foam is them colored and textured. It is cut into large panels that can then be mounted on the side of the house. This material looks exactly like natural stone and is weather resistant.

Two Important Factors That Make Brick Veneer To Improve Your Home With The Best Finish

Have you ever wondered what’s behind brick veneer in improving your home? If so, then veneer bricks are the most preferred in improving your home because of the actual durability and beautiful features. The brick comes with minimal cost and before you come to the conclusion of choosing the bricks, then it’s prudent to look at the advantages:

Natural and lightweight

You can mistake the veneer bricks with those which are natural as they look similar. Made from the natural materials of clay and shale, hence having a similar appearance and texture with those the common bricks. During construction you will never have the problem of handling and transport as its light weight gives you easy to handle.

Low cost

The bricks have been loved by many because of its affordability. Construction and installation are the main factors which determine the overall cost; these factors have been termed to be cheaper than the concrete bricks. Veneer bricks require less maintenance costs which reduce the overall cost in the long run.